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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Snail or caracul - Learn Step by Step to Draw Simple and Fun

Easy Draw Drawings

How to draw very simple step-by-step a snail or snail that children love using circles.

Simple Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Techniques to make beautiful children's drawings.

1- Let's start very simply. With the magic form of a circle that will be the shell or house of the snail-shell.
Easy Drawing Snail 1

2- below the circle the left a small rounded shape that will be the tail of our friend, on the other side a rounded shape larger and slightly raised will be your head.
3- Now the funny part of the drawing, let's draw the antennas that will be the eyes of our little friend.
4- Remember that our friend has 2 eyes then repeat the process for the second eye.
5 -IMPORTANT: Now is the time of "magic", because we will give "sympathy" to our new little friend. (Something we do not see in snails and snails normally, such as the "smile" and the "glow in the eyes" in his pupils.

6 - To finish we will conclude his "shell" drawing a very simple spiral.

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