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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


The World manifests itself in drawings in solidarity with the rescue of the Boys of Thailand.

Drawing has always been a way of saying the unspeakable.

In social networks people began to manifest with drawings in a universal language

Check out some of the most exciting messages in the form of Drawing. .

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Be Incredible on the Internet with credibility

There is no doubt that the internet offers a new world of access to information and entertainment. However every coin has 2 sides and just as the internet can be wonderful it can be terrible!
This post is not about drawing, drafts, art or anything I always put here. But that's what motivates me to fight for a better world. And the transformation of the world begins with our actions.

This blog has become the virtual point of young people, children, mothers and courageous educators who seek through drawing and drawing to create a more ethical, fraternal and caring world.

  • Be Solidarity - we all need help from time to time and a Better World is a Solidarity World with those who need it.
  • Be Fraternal - Be welcoming, be a true friend, starting with yourself.
  • Be Ethical - above all be ethical in your attitudes, always remembering that the words point the direction, but the examples drag along the way, be a good example of citizen.

Share with Caution

Share carefully

Good and Bad News, Truth and Big Lies Lies spread by jet at supersonic 9G speed. So be smart and do not believe without checking the sources and do not pass on what seems too strange.
Always remember: when you are not careful, children can go through complicated situations with lasting consequences. What is the solution to this? Know how to share information with people you know and unknown.
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Black Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman #blackgirlmagic

Heroines and Heroes have been part of human society since the earliest times, they not only reveal an identity of a people but also their worldview.
Gods and Gods become Heroes of a People, or their heroes become Gods .. So what is said and what can not be said about heroines and heroes reveal not only culture as its taboos, prejudices of its ideologies when hero vs. villain confronts.

The film Professor Marston and the WonderWomen - Movie 2017 was controversial for discussing society at the time of the creation of the character Wonder Woman #melanin.
Another film that fomented the race question and the ideology of the Super Heroes was Black Panther.
It is no wonder that many designers and artists in general have decided to recreate and repaginate these issues of gender and race and to provoke a healthy discussion on these subjects
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

12 Easy Steps to Learn: HOW TO DRAW A ROSE

12 Easy Steps to Learn:


how to draw a rose 1

step 1. The simplest way to start drawing a rose is to make an extravagant style S that has a rolled up tip
how to draw a rose