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Friday, September 15, 2017

#religiousart in #contemporary art get to know the artworks of Clau Souza

#nossasteiraaparecida - Patron of Brazil - Clau Souza

When talking about Sacred Art, our mind usually refers to medieval times and the Baroque period, but you need to know the Works of Claudia Martins de Souza, or Clau Souza as it is best known.
She is a Brazilian illustrator who lives in Toronto and loves to create characters.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to draw Manga using an easy method?

#howtodraw #Anime and # Manga with #cheat #tricks easy

Animes and Mangas , are styles of designs characteristic of Japanese culture.
To the letter, anime means "animation", meaning nothing more than the animated production of a drawing, more precisely the manga (The manga is the word used to designate comics as is said in Brazil or comics as it is spoken in Portugal made in the Japanese style).

Many designers most of the time at the beginning of their relation with the drawings, try to develop their techniques by designing enough Manga.
The reason is because of popularity, and also because of its simplicity, because we are not "forced" to be caught in many details in this style.
Tip: You can know the characteristics of the 10 most popular designs styles between designers and designers >> click here.

With simple steps it is possible to become a beast in this technique drawing after all for those who already know the basics of the drawing just know how to do it and get to work!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

How will your tattoo be when you're an old man(mature woman)?

#BRart How will your tattoo be when you're an old man?

There are people who have given up on getting a tattoo by asking themselves, "How will she stay when I'm old? Will I still like the same things? "

It is important to understand that tattoos will accompany you throughout your life and if you get there, you will be proud to display them when you reach senior citizens.
Many older people have tattoos and prove that it's okay to get old tattooed. And you, already imagined what it will be like to look at your tattoo at age 80?

For many, not so young, the tattoo turns to a brand to be loaded or a challenging novelty. It's more common than you think, people over 60 have their first tattoo.
It functions as a rescue of the autonomy of the body itself. It is as if, now, I could do what I could not do in my youth.
Prejudice against the tattooed has declined over the decades, and remains only among the most conservative sectors of society, but it is still a reality when it comes to entering certain labor markets.
Gladly that times have changed! Now, getting old with a tattoo is no longer a cause for prejudice. And the tattooed one also has the option to remove it or not. One more reason to be proud of anyone who chooses to stay with the tattoo until the end of their lives.
And there are still cases where the tattoo matches very well with the period of life that is old age. They can be well suited to the beard, the white hair, the glasses, and may well leave you a super old or old supersty!
Now we know that tattoos can be used in old age, but will they remain the same? The answer is: it depends.
It is possible to retouch the tattoos and keep them with the same color and intensity. However, the skin loses elasticity and becomes more flaccid, this sometimes decharacterizes a little some designs.
But nothing that undermines the main function of tattooing: to demonstrate a lifestyle, the tastes or choices we take throughout life. And all these, can be as proud in youth as in old age.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cheats for those who are starting to draw

7 Fantastic Tips for anyone who is starting to draw

  • The most traditional way of drawing is using the good old pencil.
  • All the professionals of this area, began their careers of designer from this tool, old, but that remains until today without a period of validity.
  • Even with all these new technologies and with the increasing number of people using the virtual drawings made on the computer, the pencil is still, and will continue being the main instrument of the designers.

In this post, we will cover 7 Drawing Techniques for those who are starting their careers in the world of drawings. If you're a freshman in the area, this article is for you.
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