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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Easy Drawing to Draw - Little Muttley Dog.

Easy Drawing Drawing - Little Dog Vira Lata

This is one of the Easiest Drawings in the World and we will learn how to draw simple, easy, using basic geometric shapes.

Why do children love learning to draw?

For many reasons: 
- it is a natural way for the child to express what he feels. 
- is a stimulus to analyze the world around you. 
- a pleasure of a child's achievement. "I did it!" 

Why should we encourage children to draw from an early age?

- Why it Helps in Motor Development 
- assists in attention and reflection 
- is the principle of human language that then evolves into symbols, signs, letter, and writing in general. 
- Especially children love and make them happy with something so simple, even if the other factors did not exist, only this would be enough to encourage them to draw always. 

Let's create a beautiful drawing of a Little Dog Vira Lata, but simple and easy using as basis rounded geometric shapes.

This is not a realistic drawing full of detail and shading, it is a symbolic design, "sort of a hieroglyph", a symbol of a dog that is easy to perceive and understood by children as a "pre-reading" 

Start with an upper oval sphere (which will be the dog's head) and a "rounded triangle" to do the rest of the body.
Note that the head is disproportionate to the body because it is what gives the "identity" of our drawing.

Let's mark the tail of our little Dog and his eyes.

Now we do the "fallen ears" that symbolize a friendly dog, standing ears are usually interpreted with guard dog and somewhat hostile position and the intention here is to make a friendly and sweet mutt friend of children.
Let's also mark the snout and a "spot" around one eye.

Now it's time to join the head to the rest of the body by the neck and mark the tongue of our mutts and the front paw.

We're almost done: Mark your fingers and do not forget the back paw of our little animal. 
Then delete and delete the markings that we do not want to see. 
Do not forget to ask the children to give a name to the puppy! 
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