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Friday, September 15, 2017

#religiousart in #contemporary art get to know the artworks of Clau Souza

#nossasteiraaparecida - Patron of Brazil - Clau Souza

When talking about Sacred Art, our mind usually refers to medieval times and the Baroque period, but you need to know the Works of Claudia Martins de Souza, or Clau Souza as it is best known.
She is a Brazilian illustrator who lives in Toronto and loves to create characters.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to draw Manga using an easy method?

#howtodraw #Anime and # Manga with #cheat #tricks easy

Animes and Mangas , are styles of designs characteristic of Japanese culture.
To the letter, anime means "animation", meaning nothing more than the animated production of a drawing, more precisely the manga (The manga is the word used to designate comics as is said in Brazil or comics as it is spoken in Portugal made in the Japanese style).

Many designers most of the time at the beginning of their relation with the drawings, try to develop their techniques by designing enough Manga.
The reason is because of popularity, and also because of its simplicity, because we are not "forced" to be caught in many details in this style.
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With simple steps it is possible to become a beast in this technique drawing after all for those who already know the basics of the drawing just know how to do it and get to work!