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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Easy Draw Drawings

How to draw simple step by step:

Animals that children love using circles.

Simple Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Techniques to make beautiful children's drawings.

You probably already know our post Drawings Easy to Draw Tips, Tricks, Models for Mom and Educators (
I hope you enjoyed it, if you do not know strongly recommend that you click on the link and find out and say what you think.
Now let's go deeper, with even the simplest techniques for drawing animals that children love.
Using circles will help in motor development and will further assist in the process of future reading and writing of our children.


Easy Drawing Puppy Puppy

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Starting point will be a circular oval shape.
1- Make an oval shape for our dog's head.
2-Then make a curve where the highest part will be the center of the first circle (if you prefer make another oval shape and delete the bottom of the first circle), then make the ears.
3-Let's go to the body and the hind legs of our little dog, remember to always have the hand a soft rubber. Note that the body is a vertical oval shape with slight flattening of the extremities. And the hind legs (actually the part of the legs) are circles.

3-A How I miss the numbering when editing the image let's call this 3-A phase. Let's do the front paws of our little dog. You should erase the lines under the paw that refers to the body and the hind legs if you leave the drawing with only its lines, on paper or a blackboard. Or you can leave them for the time being which will eventually be covered by the painting of the drawing.
IMPORTANT: If the drawing is painted by the child it is important to empty the lines that should not appear in the drawing so as not to confuse them.
4- Let's give "ALMA" to our drawing, but without complicating.
A mouth that suggests a "friendly smile" from our dog.
The language is at your discretion, it may be small or longer.
Eyes open and rounded are signs of meekness.
The raised tail gives a sign of acceptance and joy.

You can let the child paint as she wants, even green, or out of the drawing. This is a natural manifestation of children and reveal creativity, imagination, curiosity to test other patterns
like this
or like this!