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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Artistic Nude Unconventiona - The intimate layout of the artistic nude

Logo is given birth, the person exposes his raw nakedness, fragile, delicate and devoid of any shame, that gradually you will be added as a burden to his rookie daring in life. Over the years, you learn that the intimacy of the body must remain almost stealthy, taking the look to surprise any nude demonstration even if it has originated.
The art, perhaps, run the refill function, crediting exposure public of something that still causes some embarrassment. Reveals the details observer, curves and bumps, which, even when dealing with different individuals, retain similarity of gender or soul that there is shown in artistic nude. Reveal such nuances also becomes a challenge for photography.
In it, the result of the displayed image needs to achieve the right balance so as not to run away from the original intention. "I took some time to understand the difference of artistic nude for conventional, dull or overdone. But I realized that the detail was in subtlety, in the angle. The look makes a big difference on the picture, "says Edgar Neumann. He ministers today until February 7th artistic nude classes in photography. The workshop, held in the school studio Traveler Camera (October 24, 507/10), advises stakeholders on lighting techniques, production, model management, image processing, and other details that significantly influence the final result. VISUAL ARTS NEWS print edition of 26/01/2012 - Journal of Commerce

The intimate layout of the artistic nude

Priscilla Pasko