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Friday, August 18, 2017

John Bramblitt in Rock in Rio

John Bramblitt (blind artist), creates illustrations for Gol in honor of Rock in Rio

Gol airline paid tribute to Rock in Rio with a special painting on one of its aircraft.
The drawing was made by John Bramblitt (blind artist) , who was invited to illustrate the songs of the main bands that will play in the festival and create an illustration for the airplanes.

Bramblitt has been blind for more than 10 years and his works are world famous.
The artist uses a technique of synesthesia and quick-drying paints and manages, through touch, to create works of art.

The choice of the songs that inspired Bramblitt was made by the public through the project Musicolors.

Gol, Air France and Delta are the official carriers of the music festival.
John Bramblitt (blind artist) ,

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Drawing Amy Winehouse - Juli Rossi

August 3, 2017

Drawing and Art History: Juli Rossi

Amy Winehouse

Amy Jade Winehouse was a British singer-songwriter known for her powerful and deep vocal contralto and her eclectic mix of musical genres, including soul, jazz, R & B and Caribbean rhythms.
Oiled pastel chalk paints + acrylic paint that produced in 2017 and 2016. Jazz Icons! :)
All paintings are in size 50 x 70cm.
Check out other paintings by Juli Rossi at the link below:


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Drawing with colored pencils (Green Lion) - Step by step photos and video

Drawing with crayons (Green Lion)

You might ask: GREEN LION?
Damn it! Give your imagination "wings", if you wish you can even put wings on the lion!
Here to illustrate I will leave the photos with greater contrast for easier viewing, but remember that it should be smooth and with delicate features at the beginning of your markings giving a more contrasting tone at the end of the drawing.
Let's go there soon.

  • Start with the lighter colors of yellow and then the light green colors:
  • Make light strokes, but avoid filling with solid colors because the secret of this drawing is the color mixture and the gradient from light to dark at the end
  • Made the general outline, depart for the details that will give the personality of the drawing;
  • Here was emphasized the fierce and bloody mouth, but if you prefer a tame lion you can give up these morbid details and even do it with closed mouth

  • See how the mouth, nose (snout) and mustache
  • Now we will take care of our eyes and the fierce look
  • See how sinister it even gives fear!
  • Now begins the magical moment to give life to the drawing by contrasting with darker shades of the outline
  • Much attention to the lion's mane, one side should have less contrast and be lighter so the other side stays in the shade.
  • Some small details to create depth to the drawing
  • Minor fixes

  • Ready, finished drawing

Now something fundamental, you must sign your work of art

Below is the video of the execution of the drawing in "Speed ​​Drawing"

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To draw the Jolie Doll.

Drawing of Jolie by Tati Ferrigno

Jolie drawing used in email signing

Drawing of the Turtle Jolie is a work by Tati Ferrigno (twitter = @tatiferrigno) Bauru-SP, Brazil, illustrator, graphic artist whose work (illustration, photography, graphic design, photomanipulation and fashion) you can check on his website http: // www / .
She discarded pencil and paper from her work materials (snif, snif) and starts her illustrations from the sketch in digital medium. He likes to create detailed, realistic illustrations, though he does not think he has a definite style. He is a fan of Gil Elvgren's pin-ups, b & w tattoos ( ) and heavy metal.
You can check this on the blog MORE STUDY ( ) OR ON THE CAFÁ BLOG WITH DESIGN ( / 03/02 / tatiferrigno / )
On the net there are many fan sites and blogs from both art and artist.
A good example is
Also the site CrisArt we have the work of Cristina (Paula Cristina )

Tati Ferrigno

Jolie drawing doll

Jolie Doll Tilibra

Jolie - New Jolie Doll Drawings - Tilibra®

Lomadee, a new species on the web. The largest affiliate platform in Latin America.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to Draw Adult Gohan Super Saiyan - Step by Step Tutorial

what's up everybody to the ire and today
we're going to draw adult go on super
San one
ok so we've got an a size paper as
usual and a perfect square each side is
 centimeters and we're going to start
by drawing the wrinkles between the eyes
the eyebrow and of course three lines to
create the eye and you can place the
people at the middle slightly to the
left and of course we're going to do the
same process for the left side
awesome now we're going to Joy's knows
if you want you can use these guidelines
and of course make sure to draw the
mouth really close to the nose with a
very time you get at the bottom lips and
then we'll draw the shape of the face
and the hair life
I'm going to draw it is and then we move
to for the hair if you want you can also
use a guideline to keep the right
proportion of those it doesn't have to
be exactly the same
awesome so now we can start to join the
hair now there's two ways to draw the
help you can drawcovering the eye or
you can draw one strike and for bikes
like next to it i checked some
references and of course Roy worked with
several animators some of them dress
withsome of them with sides so
choose your take
now i'm going to draw the box on each
side and then i'm going to draw this
guideline to help me keep the right
proportion and now i'm just going to add
more fight and I'm gonna we find them by
adding a lot of random lines from side
to side but make sure to do them in the
direction of their hair
also what we are done we can continue by
joints or so and i'm going to start by
join the neck and the neck muscles
then I'm going to draw two curves to
create his stress and now i'm going to
draw your feet so if you want you can
use this guideline as well
i'm going to add a chest like in the
middle and make sure to draw two curved
lines above now I'm going to add his
shoulders and biceps the triceps and
i'll do the same for this lifetime
awesome so now I'm going to add some
details and i'm going to add creases to
the geek
awesome so we are pretty much done here
now I'm gonna increase inside join i'm
going to use . a black band once we
have that I'm gonna erase all the legs
using the chalkboard eraser and erase or
ok so now i'm going to side and which
way I want the light to come from the
left side from the right side or from
the middle
Casey got our i'm going to choose to
draw a device from the right side and
trends the left side afford to be darker
so i'm going to stop using this ringtone
gotta start with its brightest color and
just feel this entire area then we use
the darker tones to create shadows going
to do some blending to mix the colors
better and for the company the brightest
color and finally to give it a nice
gradient and venues is the deepest color
which will be why are you will too
ok and I'm going to do the same process
for the rest of this muscles and keep in
mind that i'm going to leave some blank
areas so i can get a nice growing effect
again to make it look at 3d
again to make it look at 3d
assault and down really fast why we give
yourself that we can stop coloring the
key and when he was three purple tones
for that we start with some tiny
highlights and then we'll move to the
mid-tone and basically with fast
brushstrokes I'm gonna fill this entire
area but again make sure to do it with
the direction of the creases and it was
so bright you want to go over it again
with some more layers of the same color
next I'll use the darker tone for the
darker serious
and of course from blending and we'll do
the same for the right side as well
ok so once we're done with that we can
focus on the faith so I'm going to start
by filling this entire area with easy
with you all and the metal like some
blank spots at his cheek the path above
the eye is bottom lip and on his nose
and now of course we moved today midtown
and then to the dark
now in case you want to blend that but
you don't want to over blend that by
using the same color
you might want to try use the colorless
blender of some now I'm going to color
the eyes with BG 09 and the colors
vendor to smooth things up now for the
hair i'm gonna use three different
colors i'm going to demonstrate how to
kind of want bike and then i'm going to
time-lapse mode so I'm gonna start with
why he was 0 and again i'm going to feel
the entire area but the battle is a
blank white area to give it a nice glow
then i'm going to use wife 16
and finally why out 23 and some blending
now you don't have to but if you want to
add another color you can use the brown
tone for a minimum use awesome so now
i'm going to do some minor adjustments
you know just the finishing touch and we
are basically done everybody because I
withdraw adult God to send one
yeah you guys enjoyed this tutorial let
me know in the comments section which
character would you like me to draw next
I'm gonna do some more wanted characters
soon so stay tuned for that and if you
want to support me give me a thumbs up
and share this video with your friends
make sure to click this Bell to get
notified on any new upload if you
haven't already and Leslie keeping out
from everybody thanks for watching love
you all and I'll see you on the next

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Snail or caracul - Learn Step by Step to Draw Simple and Fun

Easy Draw Drawings

How to draw very simple step-by-step a snail or snail that children love using circles.

Simple Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Techniques to make beautiful children's drawings.

Easy Draw Drawings

How to draw simple step by step:

Animals that children love using circles.

Simple Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Techniques to make beautiful children's drawings.

You probably already know our post Drawings Easy to Draw Tips, Tricks, Models for Mom and Educators (
I hope you enjoyed it, if you do not know strongly recommend that you click on the link and find out and say what you think.
Now let's go deeper, with even the simplest techniques for drawing animals that children love.
Using circles will help in motor development and will further assist in the process of future reading and writing of our children.


Easy Drawing Puppy Puppy

Use Google Search

Starting point will be a circular oval shape.
1- Make an oval shape for our dog's head.
2-Then make a curve where the highest part will be the center of the first circle (if you prefer make another oval shape and delete the bottom of the first circle), then make the ears.
3-Let's go to the body and the hind legs of our little dog, remember to always have the hand a soft rubber. Note that the body is a vertical oval shape with slight flattening of the extremities. And the hind legs (actually the part of the legs) are circles.

3-A How I miss the numbering when editing the image let's call this 3-A phase. Let's do the front paws of our little dog. You should erase the lines under the paw that refers to the body and the hind legs if you leave the drawing with only its lines, on paper or a blackboard. Or you can leave them for the time being which will eventually be covered by the painting of the drawing.
IMPORTANT: If the drawing is painted by the child it is important to empty the lines that should not appear in the drawing so as not to confuse them.
4- Let's give "ALMA" to our drawing, but without complicating.
A mouth that suggests a "friendly smile" from our dog.
The language is at your discretion, it may be small or longer.
Eyes open and rounded are signs of meekness.
The raised tail gives a sign of acceptance and joy.

You can let the child paint as she wants, even green, or out of the drawing. This is a natural manifestation of children and reveal creativity, imagination, curiosity to test other patterns
like this
or like this!