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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Drawings Easy to Draw Tips, Tricks, Models for Mommy and Educators (and dads too, why not?)

The vast majority of children are often interested in drawing as they begin to hold objects.

Question: Have you ever seen a baby "drawing" with the spoon on your baby's plate when you are starting to eat alone?
Child drawing with food

I might venture to say that if you did not see it, you did not pay attention.
You may also have heard from your child's pediatrician that food with color and organized presentation helps to develop perceptions far beyond the simple taste, or perhaps not, depends on your child's pediatrician and not on you.

What is the purpose of this post?

By idealizing, researching and writing this post I have tried to keep my focus on the people who love, care and educate our children and help them in the task with children's drawings, pedagogical drawings, but above all show that simple and easy drawings make children's joy And are very valuable in their motor development, in the expression of what they see and think, as a basis for future literacy and writing (and even more so since only one article is enough to tell everything)

My affection to all moms seek to develop the creative side of their children and early childhood teachers

Garatujas: the name is very ugly but it is not a dirty word
Garatujas are scribbles made by children when they begin to discover the ability to scratch.
These scrawls had the widened sense under the eyes of the American researcher Rhoda Kellogg, who observed regularities in these abstract productions (see below the 3-year-old Joan's drawing and its explanation). Observing about 300 thousand productions, she analyzed mainly the form of the traces (basic scribbles) and the way to occupy the space of the paper (implantation models) until the entrance of the child in the figurative drawing, which happens around the 4 years.

Reading to a child is good, drawing with it is even better.
Starting from simple geometric form
In the period of scrawl production, there is an important exploration of supports and instruments. The child experiences, for example, drawing on the walls or floor and is interested in the effect of different materials and ways of manipulating them, such as pressing the marker hard and making dots. This attitude of experimentation has an indisputable value in Rhoda's opinion: "For her to see is to believe" and the drawing is developed based on the observations that the child makes on his own graphic action, "says Rosa Iavelberg, drawing specialist and Faculty of Education of the University of São Paulo (USP), in the book The Cultivated Child's Drawing: Practices and Educator Training. This learning during the action is emphasized by the artist and scholar Edith Derdyk: "Drawing becomes more expressive when there is a fine tuning between hand, gesture and instrument, so that when drawing, the thought is made." 

Just as the beginner text is simple phrase, the drawing follows the same path, from simple to improved.
One of the main functions of drawing in child development is the possibility it offers of representation of reality. Bringing the objects seen in the world to paper is a way of dealing with the elements of everyday life."When the child wears a mother's clothing, it is admitted that she is trying to understand the role of the woman," explains Maria Lúcia Batezat, specialist in Visual Arts at the State University of Santa Catarina (Udesc). "In drawing, the same thing happens, the difference being that it does not use the body, but the visuality and the motor." This process characterizes drawing as a symbolic game (see below Yolanda's 5-year commentary on her drawing).
"This is not a rabbit, do not tell me it's a rabbit because it's a baby ox, I'm making a chicken that was to put an egg in the bush, that is, a girl who went to pick up plants in the bush to give to her husband." Yolanda, 5 years 
Yolanda rabbit drawing, 5 years old


Themes that are successful:

- domestic and farm animals
- Children's Conviviality Cars and Equipment
- children's favorite cartoon character
Many people are fond of works of art, but kids love simple designs that help them learn and enliven their creativity.

Often we come across a question from a child?
"How do you draw a horse, or a chicken?"
- Dad draws me skateboarding?

Do not complicate your life. Simple things to draw are more pleasing than elaborate works of art.

Creating beautiful and easy designs with children stimulates creativity, gives confidence, security and is great hobbies.

Your child will love the next generation videogame, but the memories that will lead to old age are the simple and fun times and drawing with them will be one of these memories.

Learning to make drawings simple and easy to teach the child to draw is an achievement for a lifetime.

On paper, on a blackboard. With colored pencil or pen.

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