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Monday, October 12, 2015

Eve - unfinished drawing - artistic nude

Artistic nude - EVE unfinished drawing
It's been a while not drawing any artistic nude and I'm intending to make a myth illustration of the forbidden fruit, talking snake, etc. such.
Eva This is a prototype of what I imagine Eve - Final beating a chat with a talking snake who sold apples.
Look at that for a rib until she was very gracious!

Friday, October 2, 2015

what are pin up girls?

Pin-up may be as many models (actresses and celebrities) known for their sensuality, or artwork, such as paintings and drawings of the female characters are expressed with a sensual appeal and to some eroticism but avoiding explicit pornography.
Over the decades it became a symbol of pop culture.
Pin-up word comes from English and means "hang" because it was pictures and posters hanging on the walls or cabinet doors of the boys.
Although the culture of pin-up emerged in the early 1900s, the moral rigidity of Victorian morals made only in the mid-20s began to be pop.