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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tips How to Draw a Sexy Woman - Naked or Not! - 11 steps

How to Draw a Sexy Woman

The chosen design has a better notion of curves and details of the female body 

It is almost easy to follow this tutorial, because the illustrations help a lot, just follow carefully, then start with light strokes so you can erase without damaging the drawing and watch the images and success is guaranteed! 

Remember that this method can also be used to draw HENTAI.

The lips of a female character are very important, and there are ways of drawing, and ways of not drawing. If you noticed,
1) The upper lip is only 3/4 smaller than the lower lip. You can vary the size of the upper and lower lips, but the ideal size that is considered 'sexy' are soft and delicious lips.
2) The lower lip is very important to keep in check. They should be drawn larger than the top ... always. Practice with lip varieties and shading styles. As you practice, you will form your own style. 


These are two types of bodies ideal for a sexy woman. Notice how the torsos are elongated and toned. A. It has the perfect size of the breasts and B. has a wider comparison. In short, practice with bust sizes and log sizes. Sexy women have their own characteristics. Also note that the figure of an "hourglass" is the ideal body shape for someone to be considered sexy. 

Some people do not understand the fact that the design of a body is based on the basic forms that form the 'curves' and 'forms'. If you prefer, you can draw shapes similar to these and base the formation. The column line connecting the two is the most important part. This is the "movement guide", where it portrays the flow and pose of your character. Without a well-proportioned "line of movement," you will have a static and unrealistic body shape. Always practice, and take 20 minutes of your drawing practices to study and quickly sketch some similar poses arising. 


Let's start with some shapes and guides. Make the head shape and then draw the orientations to the face and body as in the picture above.

STEP 05 Sketch the actual shape of the lower portion of your face as above, and then draw the eye shapes as well as a thin whip. 


The next thing to do is start drawing your hairstyle very strong and angular. Since her hair is drawn with big fringes and tall hair, you have to make sure that you have also drawn the head.

STEP 07 

Now you will sketch the eyebrows and many lashes then draw the lines that form your eyeballs. Once done you will need to draw the nose, mouth and lips. Do not forget to put the earrings. Finally, sketch your neck and shoulders.


Continue to draw the shoulders and then the arms as well as the hands and then draw the chest, which is covered with the arm. She's a shy girl who wants to find her clothes.


Continue to work on your body sketching the rest of your torso, and then start drawing the hips, and the tops of your thighs. Sketch some details in the stomach and draw a long wave that is touching your thigh. 

STEP 10 

Before you start with the hair finish, draw your legs. Then draw the long curly hairs and then add a bit of hair detailing before wiping this sketch. 

STEP 11 

Here's the final artwork of your Sexy Woman drawing! Train well until you achieve perfection and personality, after which you will draw any woman in any pose.

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