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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year - 2016 will be great

Our ways is made ​​by our own steps ... 
But the beauty of the walk depends on going with us!
 So in this new coming year we can walk more and more together ... 
In search of a better world, full of peace, health, understanding and lots of love. The year is ending and as soon as the other begins ... And this cycle of "go" and "come" time goes by ... 
And how goes! The years fade away ...
 And we are not always aware of what really matters. Let life flow and notice among many daily demands what is essential for you! Put aside the past and even present! And create a new life ...

a new day ... A new year that starts! Create a new framework for you! Create, piece by piece ... In your mind ... Until you have a perfect framework for the future ... That is just beyond the present. And thus initiate a new journey! Which will take you to a new life, a new home ... and to further progress in life! You will soon see this reality, and so find the greatest happiness ... and reward ... That the new year renews our hopes and that the Christ star shine in our lives and the glow of our united hearts intensify the manifestation of a New Year filled with wins ! And the glow of this flame is like the torch that lights our way to building a future full of happiness! And so we have a better world! To all you fellows (as) we have the same ideal, Friend (s) that are already part of my life, I wish that the next experience of a New Year they are constructive, healthy and harmonious. A lot of peace in your continued awakening. A Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2015

How your brain learns to draw?

How your brain learns to draw?

Our brain is the most intriguing organ of our body.
It performs tasks conscious, semi conscious and even unconsciously.
Although today no longer stare stiffly the functions of the left and right sides of the brain, but it's good to know which side prevails in certain functions.
Looks like dealing with numbers, develop racicínios clearly, identification signs and symbols have predominant action on the left (though not exclusive).
But the facial recognition, musical skills, creativity, inspiration, intuition are remarkably developed by the right brain.

So the analytical, rational people with mathematical talent, who learned to read at an early age may not develop artistic skills like drawing and painting?

Calm, fortunately nothing is final, although for some it is a natural ability, others can come to develop their cerebral hemispheres walking like half-forgotten.
But if you are a person very "mathematics", works with signs and symbols all day, know you do not just pick up a pencil and exit drawing, you need some exercises to awaken seuu right brain and the good news that are simple and quick exercises we will be back soon to present them in a clear, simple and objective way and I wish reportasse practiced and the results achieved.
See you soon!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Drawings - Your Christmas with Art - color and use as models


Crib Monica

Christmas candle


Christmas bells

Christmas angel



Christmas tree

Ornaments 1

2 Ornaments


Famílioa at Christmas

Santa Claus

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

Friday, December 11, 2015

Tips and Advice to Use the Esfuminho.

What is a esfuminho?

The esfuminho or estompe is an object (porous paper roll) used for artwork that helps to mix and create textures in the drawings with charcoal, chalk pastel or a common pencil. This enhancement often has a tip at one end and can be made with several different types of paper ranging in size and diameter.


An alternative is to use fingers esfuminho but has some drawbacks because the fingers always contain some oil and not allowed to work on large surfaces or minúculos details. Always be sure to have clean, dry hands and use them only to blur small nuances.

You can also use cotton pads or cloths, the older the better.

Use a esfuminho for each color. use the same esfuminho for different shades and colors ends up not getting the expected result.

As you work you will see that in most cases we need the esfuminho is as sharp as a pencil.

Using the esfuminho?

You may already smudge her features. Slide the esfuminho in large spins on its design if you want to gradient over wide areas. For very detailed areas like the eyes and mouth, use it like a pencil.


You will find this tool in shops specializing in arts material. And for those who enjoy preparing your materials and tools you can learn to make a esfuminho
It is important to use an appropriate role for the pencil or ink grab good and esfuminho allow you to create smooth gradients without leaving marks.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Parrot Died! - O Papagaio Morreu!

I'll try to tell a joke in English (was I will get?)
The Parrot Died!
The guy was the biggest roar, when the phone rings at dawn:
- Here is the Aristides, the caretaker of his ranch!
- What was Aristides, something serious happened?
- Nothing, sir! I just wanted to warn you that your parrot is dead!
- My parrot? Whoever won the contest last month?
- Yes, the same!
- Wow, what a pity! I had paid a small fortune for it ... but that he died?
- Ate rotten meat!
- Rotten meat? Who gave him rotten meat?
- Nobody ... he ate one of the horses were dead.
- What horses?
- Of his Thoroughbred horses! They died of exhaustion, pulling the cart water.
- Pulling the cart water? What water?
- To put out the fire!
- Fire? Where?
- In your home ... a candle fell on the curtain and it caught fire.
- Sailing? But who lit candle was back home had electricity?
- It was one of the candles of the wake!
- A wake?!
- It's the funeral of his mother ... she got there early in the morning without warning and I threw it, thinking it was a thief!

sanguinea blood pencil

pencil sketch with blood "Bleed"


How to Draw

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    Thursday, December 3, 2015

    art: drawings and illustrations pin ups 50s.

    Monday, October 12, 2015

    Eve - unfinished drawing - artistic nude

    Artistic nude - EVE unfinished drawing
    It's been a while not drawing any artistic nude and I'm intending to make a myth illustration of the forbidden fruit, talking snake, etc. such.
    Eva This is a prototype of what I imagine Eve - Final beating a chat with a talking snake who sold apples.
    Look at that for a rib until she was very gracious!

    Friday, October 2, 2015

    what are pin up girls?

    Pin-up may be as many models (actresses and celebrities) known for their sensuality, or artwork, such as paintings and drawings of the female characters are expressed with a sensual appeal and to some eroticism but avoiding explicit pornography.
    Over the decades it became a symbol of pop culture.
    Pin-up word comes from English and means "hang" because it was pictures and posters hanging on the walls or cabinet doors of the boys.
    Although the culture of pin-up emerged in the early 1900s, the moral rigidity of Victorian morals made only in the mid-20s began to be pop.


    Thursday, September 10, 2015

    3rd Self Portrait with each stage of implementation and butterflies in my stomach!

    This is the 3rd time I do a self portrait, the first time was in 2010 and you can see below 

    Self Portrait 2010
    This is the 3rd time I do a self portrait, the first time was in 2010 and you can see below. It was one of my first drawings after my first drawing class. 
    After two years I ventured again and the result you can check immediately below, in the work of January 6, 2012. 

    But has now reached a new phase and decided to face the challenge of designing and I will put the phases of this design here at drawing with pencil. 
    • first of all I will place the photo that became my base, it is now 10 years, so the design should have a few corrections because today I am on the verge of completing half a century.
    • made the markings of proportion and located the mouth positions, nose and eyes started for developing the design of the outline, this is perhaps the most delicate part of the whole design because everything else will follow what was drawn in outline. As I used a mechanical pencil 0.5 mm HB graphite with the scanner raised quite recently the original route (I darkened a bit the image in photoshop to get a little more visible on the web)
    • Then with his heart in doubt dipped in blood pencils for eye contours, nose and mouth feature
    • Not forgetting the facial contours, hair with pencil B
    • But the design was somewhat pale and a mixture of courage and madness took the blood pencil (which is a bit clumsy to use) and esfuminho to "blur" the pencil stroke and be what God wants! Here we go!
      Currently my hair on top is grayer until it was not much different from the real.
      Picture taken with the phone with the drawing next to the photo. Design already finalized bearded signals. Now there says what you think of this treat?