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Monday, December 26, 2016

8 Drawings to receive Year 2017: Year of Changes, Year of Organization - or not!

What are you waiting for 2017?

Hopefully they are good things as they will be implemented.

End year year, even the most skeptical and suspicious prospects will usually always have a quick stop to hear the forecasts, for the new year they will go


Whether your plans are based on rational or mystical analysis, this is a time of preparation, planning, dreams and goals.

Start the year for those who believe or not.
BUT ONLY it provides performance for those who plan and organize.
I have not found the previous phrase in Google, I think I'm the author.

For the beginning of the year they say that 2017 is the FUEGO GALLO Year.

The sign of the person 's cock is a happy person, good mood, precise, organized, determined and self - confidence. But he is also an aggressive, hurried and nomadic person.
Avoid confusion, use your good virtues and joy, discipline and confidence to have victories.
Keeping rigid in their points of view, can not lead to good fruits. Control your dogmatic tendency. His great imagination coupled with his perfectionism will sometimes take to leave a bit of reality.

The year approaching will be a year with lots of energy, vitality, mood, but it requires a great deal of balance from everyone.

Everyone has their place in the sun, but be careful not to burn
Although the "official colors" of the Roosters Gallus is red and black, Eastern wisdom suggests that more orange be used than red, it is also vitalizing and energetic color, but without the aggression and friction of the Net.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tips How to Draw a Sexy Woman - Naked or Not! - 11 steps

How to Draw a Sexy Woman

The chosen design has a better notion of curves and details of the female body 

It is almost easy to follow this tutorial, because the illustrations help a lot, just follow carefully, then start with light strokes so you can erase without damaging the drawing and watch the images and success is guaranteed! 

Remember that this method can also be used to draw HENTAI.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Draw a Nude Woman Using Perspective

Advanced Method: Draw with Perspective

  1. 1
    The perspective is the appearance of a three-dimensional object smaller than its actual size depending on the position of the observer. For example, the image shows how a cylinder viewed from the side, and how it looks smaller when one end faces the viewer in order to be able to see only the annular rim.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


No one is so wise that he has nothing to learn, nor so foolish as to have nothing to teach.