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Friday, December 11, 2015

Tips and Advice to Use the Esfuminho.

What is a esfuminho?

The esfuminho or estompe is an object (porous paper roll) used for artwork that helps to mix and create textures in the drawings with charcoal, chalk pastel or a common pencil. This enhancement often has a tip at one end and can be made with several different types of paper ranging in size and diameter.


An alternative is to use fingers esfuminho but has some drawbacks because the fingers always contain some oil and not allowed to work on large surfaces or minúculos details. Always be sure to have clean, dry hands and use them only to blur small nuances.

You can also use cotton pads or cloths, the older the better.

Use a esfuminho for each color. use the same esfuminho for different shades and colors ends up not getting the expected result.

As you work you will see that in most cases we need the esfuminho is as sharp as a pencil.

Using the esfuminho?

You may already smudge her features. Slide the esfuminho in large spins on its design if you want to gradient over wide areas. For very detailed areas like the eyes and mouth, use it like a pencil.


You will find this tool in shops specializing in arts material. And for those who enjoy preparing your materials and tools you can learn to make a esfuminho
It is important to use an appropriate role for the pencil or ink grab good and esfuminho allow you to create smooth gradients without leaving marks.