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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Parrot Died! - O Papagaio Morreu!

I'll try to tell a joke in English (was I will get?)
The Parrot Died!
The guy was the biggest roar, when the phone rings at dawn:
- Here is the Aristides, the caretaker of his ranch!
- What was Aristides, something serious happened?
- Nothing, sir! I just wanted to warn you that your parrot is dead!
- My parrot? Whoever won the contest last month?
- Yes, the same!
- Wow, what a pity! I had paid a small fortune for it ... but that he died?
- Ate rotten meat!
- Rotten meat? Who gave him rotten meat?
- Nobody ... he ate one of the horses were dead.
- What horses?
- Of his Thoroughbred horses! They died of exhaustion, pulling the cart water.
- Pulling the cart water? What water?
- To put out the fire!
- Fire? Where?
- In your home ... a candle fell on the curtain and it caught fire.
- Sailing? But who lit candle was back home had electricity?
- It was one of the candles of the wake!
- A wake?!
- It's the funeral of his mother ... she got there early in the morning without warning and I threw it, thinking it was a thief!