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Monday, December 21, 2015

How your brain learns to draw?

How your brain learns to draw?

Our brain is the most intriguing organ of our body.
It performs tasks conscious, semi conscious and even unconsciously.
Although today no longer stare stiffly the functions of the left and right sides of the brain, but it's good to know which side prevails in certain functions.
Looks like dealing with numbers, develop racicínios clearly, identification signs and symbols have predominant action on the left (though not exclusive).
But the facial recognition, musical skills, creativity, inspiration, intuition are remarkably developed by the right brain.

So the analytical, rational people with mathematical talent, who learned to read at an early age may not develop artistic skills like drawing and painting?

Calm, fortunately nothing is final, although for some it is a natural ability, others can come to develop their cerebral hemispheres walking like half-forgotten.
But if you are a person very "mathematics", works with signs and symbols all day, know you do not just pick up a pencil and exit drawing, you need some exercises to awaken seuu right brain and the good news that are simple and quick exercises we will be back soon to present them in a clear, simple and objective way and I wish reportasse practiced and the results achieved.
See you soon!