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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hope's face. - Drawing July 26, 2015

Hope's face. - Drawing July 26, 2015
After a long time without time to draw, now finally these holidays I returned to my scribbles and two and a half hours approximately did this drawing mixing various techniques.
I started by drawing the contours of looking at the picture upside down, This helps to respect facial proportions and make a closer realism drawing;
I went to draw eyes using pencil aquarelável Faber Castel® (before I left for the end of face design) think it excited me because I liked the result.
After I was doing very lightly markings eyebrows, nose and lips. The finish used pencil blood Conté®, esfuminho and rubber Cretacolor® (never had used esfuminho before wearing cotton or even fingertips, but the result is far superior to esfuminho)
For hair first used pencil aquarelável of several yellow and orange tones and then I used the pencil 4B Cretacolor® and to my surprise the trace was as dark as pencil 6B and 9B to have very soft graphite and slide easily into the role.