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Thursday, September 10, 2015

3rd Self Portrait with each stage of implementation and butterflies in my stomach!

This is the 3rd time I do a self portrait, the first time was in 2010 and you can see below 

Self Portrait 2010
This is the 3rd time I do a self portrait, the first time was in 2010 and you can see below. It was one of my first drawings after my first drawing class. 
After two years I ventured again and the result you can check immediately below, in the work of January 6, 2012. 

But has now reached a new phase and decided to face the challenge of designing and I will put the phases of this design here at drawing with pencil. 
  • first of all I will place the photo that became my base, it is now 10 years, so the design should have a few corrections because today I am on the verge of completing half a century.
  • made the markings of proportion and located the mouth positions, nose and eyes started for developing the design of the outline, this is perhaps the most delicate part of the whole design because everything else will follow what was drawn in outline. As I used a mechanical pencil 0.5 mm HB graphite with the scanner raised quite recently the original route (I darkened a bit the image in photoshop to get a little more visible on the web)
  • Then with his heart in doubt dipped in blood pencils for eye contours, nose and mouth feature
  • Not forgetting the facial contours, hair with pencil B
  • But the design was somewhat pale and a mixture of courage and madness took the blood pencil (which is a bit clumsy to use) and esfuminho to "blur" the pencil stroke and be what God wants! Here we go!
    Currently my hair on top is grayer until it was not much different from the real.
    Picture taken with the phone with the drawing next to the photo. Design already finalized bearded signals. Now there says what you think of this treat?