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Sunday, August 20, 2017

"Lady Death" Design and Cosplay

Lady Death: The "Lady of Death" takes magazines to bankruptcy

Lady Death is a comic book character created by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes, "Boost This Publication".

His first appearance was in Evil Ernie # 1 by the publisher Eternity Comics in December 1991. He later reappeared in Evil Ernie: The Resurrection, a mini-series published by the now defunct Chaos! Comics in 1993.

In 2002, with the bankruptcy of Chaos! Comics, the character's rights were sold to CrossGen Comics for the value of $ 12,500.1 In 2004 GrossGen, also with financial difficulty filed for bankruptcy, selling again the rights of the character.

In 2005 Lady Death returned to have its stories published, this time by Avatar Press. It was the last publisher to publish the Lady Death series.