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Monday, August 28, 2017

Cheats for those who are starting to draw

7 Fantastic Tips for anyone who is starting to draw

  • The most traditional way of drawing is using the good old pencil.
  • All the professionals of this area, began their careers of designer from this tool, old, but that remains until today without a period of validity.
  • Even with all these new technologies and with the increasing number of people using the virtual drawings made on the computer, the pencil is still, and will continue being the main instrument of the designers.

In this post, we will cover 7 Drawing Techniques for those who are starting their careers in the world of drawings. If you're a freshman in the area, this article is for you.
See now 7 Drawing Techniques for Pencils for Beginners ...


1 - Pencil drawing of geometric figures

  • Drawing geometric figures will help you to develop diverse abilities, essential for your learning process.

  • Geometric figures, will make you observe objects better before drawing it.
Importantly, associate these same figures with any real object (realistic drawing).

Tip for the new designers

Try several times to draw a square with the pencil as a measure.
Follow the step-by-step below to develop your perfect square:
  • Mark any measure on the pencil with the use of a second pencil, which will be used to moth the lines;
  • Having all the measurements made on the pencil as a reference, mark the four points of the square on the sheet of paper;
  • Attach the dots with lines, thus closing your square;
  • See if there really was a square. If the result is a "crooked" square, repeat the operations until the square is perfect.
Also draw other geometric figures such as circles, rectangles and triangles to familiarize yourself with the drawings of the figures.

2 - Perspective drawing in pencil

  • Excellent technique of drawing and that helps much in the evolution of the artist.
The perspectives are based on marking with the pencil some vanishing points of the image in question.
  • A basic view of three-dimensional space is a great step taken.

3 - Symmetrical and proportional drawings using the pencil

Finding the symmetry of the drawing with the aid of the pencil is very simple and is a great exercise for beginners.
To draw with symmetry
The application of this technique is as follows:
  • Determining any distance between you and the object;
  • Close one eye, extend the arm and the hand that holds the pencil up to eye level;
  • Take measurements with the pencil and carry them to your paper;
  • Draw the object. To check the result, extend the paper to a light source and turn the drawing over. Make sure your drawing is symmetrical.
It is very important that this exercise be practiced several times. With time and practice, these measures will be taken with the naked eye.

Pencil shading

4 - Shading techniques in pencil

Shading is one of the most widely used drawing techniques among designers.
Soon, we separated some pencil drawing techniques from how to make shading.
  • For soft shadows: Use 2H or HB pencils and a piece of toilet paper to make the shadows;
  • For shadows in textures: Use 2H pencil and swab to work in the shadows;
  • Soft shadows: Along with the soft shadow, this type of shade is ideal for working the human skin in artistic drawings. Use pencils 2B and 4b for light ash shadows and 6B for shadows in darker areas;
  • Rough shadows: Ideal for detailing the shading of stones. Use 4B pencils plus a piece of plain paper to work the shadows.
  • In all the steps make use of the rubber to take the excesses.

5 - Composition techniques


The main purpose of the composition in the drawing and bring to the fore, everything you want from a complete work.
The designer, with the pencil marks the dots before starting his drawings, determined the main focuses that the image will possess.
The tip for beginners, is to seek to work simple images without many background details.
Generally, as an exercise, an arrangement with few flowers in a vase is ideal.

6 - Animal drawing techniques using the pencil

The pencil drawing techniques used to draw animals are very similar to those of the human body.
Draw sketches from simple shapes. An owl, for example, can be developed from several oval circles. See example images, below:

The tip is that the beginner works the cartoons, like this one of the owls. Realistic drawings require much more designer techniques. So try to work one step at a time.

7 - Pencil Painting Techniques

Coming out of the black and white pattern, it is always good to give color to our art.
It is possible to achieve impressive results with some pencils that exist in the market today.
As an example, we have the MAGIC pencils, which contains several colors together in it.
Its main feature is to make the strokes vary in color randomly.
We also have watercolors. It is possible to achieve good results with pencil drawing techniques even if the drawing is simple and does not require much technique.

Well, these were the tips of 7 pencil drawing techniques for beginners. Take advantage of these tips if you are new to the designs.
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