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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Drawing with colored pencils (Green Lion) - Step by step photos and video

Drawing with crayons (Green Lion)

You might ask: GREEN LION?
Damn it! Give your imagination "wings", if you wish you can even put wings on the lion!
Here to illustrate I will leave the photos with greater contrast for easier viewing, but remember that it should be smooth and with delicate features at the beginning of your markings giving a more contrasting tone at the end of the drawing.
Let's go there soon.

  • Start with the lighter colors of yellow and then the light green colors:
  • Make light strokes, but avoid filling with solid colors because the secret of this drawing is the color mixture and the gradient from light to dark at the end
  • Made the general outline, depart for the details that will give the personality of the drawing;
  • Here was emphasized the fierce and bloody mouth, but if you prefer a tame lion you can give up these morbid details and even do it with closed mouth

  • See how the mouth, nose (snout) and mustache
  • Now we will take care of our eyes and the fierce look
  • See how sinister it even gives fear!
  • Now begins the magical moment to give life to the drawing by contrasting with darker shades of the outline
  • Much attention to the lion's mane, one side should have less contrast and be lighter so the other side stays in the shade.
  • Some small details to create depth to the drawing
  • Minor fixes

  • Ready, finished drawing

Now something fundamental, you must sign your work of art

Below is the video of the execution of the drawing in "Speed ​​Drawing"