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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To draw the Jolie Doll.

Drawing of Jolie by Tati Ferrigno

Jolie drawing used in email signing

Drawing of the Turtle Jolie is a work by Tati Ferrigno (twitter = @tatiferrigno) Bauru-SP, Brazil, illustrator, graphic artist whose work (illustration, photography, graphic design, photomanipulation and fashion) you can check on his website http: // www / .
She discarded pencil and paper from her work materials (snif, snif) and starts her illustrations from the sketch in digital medium. He likes to create detailed, realistic illustrations, though he does not think he has a definite style. He is a fan of Gil Elvgren's pin-ups, b & w tattoos ( ) and heavy metal.
You can check this on the blog MORE STUDY ( ) OR ON THE CAFÁ BLOG WITH DESIGN ( / 03/02 / tatiferrigno / )
On the net there are many fan sites and blogs from both art and artist.
A good example is
Also the site CrisArt we have the work of Cristina (Paula Cristina )

Tati Ferrigno

Jolie drawing doll