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Friday, October 7, 2016

How to draw Sci-Fi (science fiction) a warrior princess

Hello designers and designers, in this article I will spend a few tips on how to create and design the style of science fiction, the warrior princess remembering much an Amazon.
The tip is:
Start drawing with light strokes to not make excess paper.
In this tutorial I just editing to be more visible on the web, but using a HB pencil or pen 2H help you finish drawing seamlessly with most drawings suitable pencil with stronger and striking features like 4B , 6B or, or pencil to outline your design.
1- I want our heroine princess in action pose.
Start by sketching so that the area is the character requires.
Then draw the line in the main body (spine) and the lines indicating the shoulders and hips.

2 Now you can start building the body of the main character.

3- How I build on the core structure of the body, I'm trying to represent the opposite directions of the upper and lower body. One way to do this is in the way that members are attracted.
= To force the tension as much as possible with their action poses. =
4- How to design the main features, I want to keep more subtle and delicate. While our princess is a strong action hero, I do not want your face is very serious or serious. ==
= I added a diadem for her to keep up more according to classical Princess. ==

5 I will give your costume piece, something that fits its forms and simple. =

6 One of the problems with using a vanishing point is the strong influence of the eyes and the look of the character. =

7- How do I paint this piece, I need my ruler and compass. The compass is a large radius BEHIND THE PRINCESS. I used a model for CANO CIRCULAR weapon. =

8- The painting done, you only have to fill in the black areas. =
= The choice of the highlights in dark materials, make sure your lighting scheme. =
= FINAL - Some simple tones with our princess is ready to defend its people!