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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Child's Drawing Charcoal.

Charcoal is a classic material in the design, perhaps the oldest. Used to sketch or final designs according to the support and intention
But what's this? Drawing with charcoal? Yes, the charcoal drawing is an ancient practice, since the time of the caves and is still used today. But why? Well, it seems some established practices of art remain beyond time. Like oil painting, watercolor, tempera and others. And with the charcoal drawing is no different, this is explained due to their great flexibility for creating, delighting artists over the years.
Coal offers several advantages: in addition to being cheaper than graphite is also easier to use. And as drawing with graphite, the design with the most important coal is to see. It should be acknowledged in the models or subjects you want to draw, where are the dark shades and where are the highlights and calmly go defining the shape and improving the finish of your drawing.
The design with carbon can be used both for study or as a pure art technique.
With charcoal and cheap paper like newsprint or craft paper (what's that make packages) you can create amazing designs like this (above). You can use coal to create landscapes and draw objects of all kinds. Throughout the lessons of drawing with charcoal you will be able to experience its effects and all the features of this artistic technique.
Believing "in the new and old" let's rescuing the ancient practices of art and artistic knowledge enshrined in the academies in Brazil and in the world, so we set a course for those who wish to learn to draw drawing courses online.
Child's Drawing Charcoal
The coal is the oldest method of artistic design which is known at the same time, the simplest.
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